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Sometimes people refer Gotu Kola as the Herb of Enlightenment, which is the most special ingredient in me. It lowers stress & anxieties by boosting your serotonin and dopamine levels, yet it also improves blood circulation, therefore oxygenating the brain allowing it to improve it’s cognitive abilities and especially, your memory. It’s used in a lot of ayurvedic treatments to help patients of Alzheimers, dementia and even schizophrenia. To top that off i also contain Pineapple (high in vit.c), Celery (rich in fiber), Apple (anti-oxidant) & Key Lime (more vit.c, minerals and fiber!). I know i can be a lot to take in, but promise i’ll be worth it. *wink


Ingredients : Pineapple, Apple, Gotu Kola, Celery & Key Lime.


Disclaimer : Consult with your doctor if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or have special medical conditions and avoid for those with an allergy to the ingredients stated above.


PriceFrom Rp35.340,00