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With our raw almond m*lk becoming such a big hit, we have come up with a new and DELICIOUS way to enjoy this plant-based m*lk! We decided to lightly roast the natural whole almonds, which resulted in a much richer, tastier blend. And now we’re sharing it to the people on the island straight from our home kitchen! People ask us all the time, why almond m*lk though? We blend our activated almonds with the skin, which is filled with flavonoids that is good for your heart or in medical terms, your cardiovascular health. To go on down the list it has more Calcium than soy or rice m*lk, Anti-oxidants, Proteins, Vitamin E, almost NO saturated fat and don’t forget it’s lactose-free so safe to consume for those who are lactose intolerant. Also the Magnesium obtained from almond helps break down the food you eat into energy. Children who are a little bit fussy on consuming cow’s milk can also be given almond milk as a replacement. We only use medjool dates and pink himalayan sea salt to enhance the flavour. Made with no oils, preservatives, flavourings or sweeteners.

Ingredients : Activated Natural Almonds, Medjool Dates, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, H2O.


Disclaimer : Avoid if you have a nut allergy/should not be given to toddlers as a replacement for breast milk or formula/those who have special medical conditions should consult their doctors before consuming


PriceFrom Rp37.200,00